Instructions for use Rechiol

The secret of the prolongation of youth, along with the Rechiol

Rechiol reference manual cream


Cream ideal for women from 25 years, trying to overcome the changes of age on the skin. If You want to help your skin more than preserve the youthfulness and health, if You don't have the time and surplus funds to visit aesthetic clinics, if you are against the pricks of botox and surgery, Rechiol Your choice!

Try enriched with micronutrients, anti-aging cream and experience it for yourself the strength of your wonderful rejuvenation. The application of this cream Will make you forget the existence of other media.

Simple steps

Mode of application of the cream Rechiol it is available to everyone! For obtaining of the beauty and youth of the skin enough every day to perform a series of simple steps:

  1. Remove the makeup.
  2. Clean the face in any convenient way for You.
  3. Let the skin dry or use a towel.
  4. The vial with anti-age cream carefully stir.
  5. Apply a smooth layer to cleansed face, neck and neckline.
  6. Let the whipped cream soak, do not need to remove.

Use cream, as a minimum, in the period of one month, to be able to feel your rejuvenates.

In the composition of packaging cosmetic, are sold in italy, within the annotation. Read the instructions carefully before using the tool.

Side effects

Rechiol contains no contraindications as such. The penalty, however, respect the age limit and not to use the cream up to 25 years of age. The young skin itself works well with its function and does not require external power source. On the contrary, the excess of nutrients from the outside, is able to inhibit its synthesis inside of the cells in a natural way.

Side effects, that may experience the users of the cream, can be attributed to individual allergic reactions. If you are not wearing at least one of the ingredients in the composition of the cream, is a clear contraindication. Not worth the risk in this case, to start its usage.

As a test, can with the first use, apply the cream on the inner part of the elbows, and observe for one hour. If irritation, redness or itching do not, the cream is suitable for You. With courage, you start to use it, and already after a month, You will learn to himself in the mirror.