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If You live in Frosinone (italy), then for You it is not difficult to ask Rechiol special price on our official website. Fill in the name and phone number on the order form to get in contact with our specialist. He will answer all of Your questions and will help you quickly formalize the engagement.

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Please note that the price does not include the cost of shipping! The price of the shipment by courier service to the address you have may vary depending on the city you live in. Also, with the acquisition of this product on our web site there is no such thing as advance payment. On the contrary, they practice the pay for the order only after the receipt of the order, and after that You will receive the cream in the city of Frosinone.

User reviews Rechiol in Frosinone

  • Rosa
    I was always afraid of botox, because this is associated with a greater risk to health. Well, that time has learned about the cream rechiol. In about two weeks, my skin has become smooth, and the outline of the face became clear. I am very happy with them and the cream. Everything that I recommend it!