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The age of the woman should stay in your little secret. And there's nothing that can't hide or, on the contrary, emphasize His true age, as the state of the skin of the face.

Age changes in the skin after 25 years it is completely natural. The speed of its manifestation depends on many factors, such as the state of the health, quality of care, hereditary predisposition. Even the climate where You live, influences the state of Your skin.

However, there is a way to cheat time and prolong Your youth, without resorting to expensive procedures and surgical interventions. The innovative anti-age cream Rechiol is able to help you stay beautiful as possible. Your active of the based formula of collagen affects the skin's health from deep inside, and provides a long-lasting effect.

The mechanism of action of Rechiol in the skin

The problem of deterioration of the skin with the years is reduced to the question of the internal health. After 30 years of the intensity of the production of natural collagen is reduced. This affects the elasticity and the elasticity of the skin. This is especially noticeable in the face, as it is always open to any weather. And the pores through which is produced the metabolic process natural, often crammed cosmetics. As a result, the skin of the face is the fall of and tired. With time, the clarity of the lines of valo's face is spread, appear wrinkles and folds.

The mechanism of the exposure to the skin the cream Rechiol

The impact of the Rechiol in the skin is reduced to the following:

  1. It quenches the skin's collagen and elastin at the cellular level.
  2. Provides elasticity and the elasticity of the epidermis.
  3. It relaxes the muscles of the face, firms the oval of the face.
  4. It smoothes wrinkles from the inside.
  5. Moisturizes, nourishes and enhances the color of the face.

Cream Rechiol compensates for the lack of natural collagen, helping the body to trick to time causal level. In just a month of use the cream quenches skin with low nutrients, returning to their state years ago. In this case we can observe the following stunning effects, confirmed by clinical research:

And most importantly, the result achieved will stay with You in the long term.

The action of the cream is also addressed to the normalization of the processes of change in the cells of the skin. Therefore, Rechiol it stimulates the natural production of collagen, restoring the function of maintaining the health of the skin.

The arguments in favor of the Rechiol

Along with the cream Rechiol You receive a professional skin care, without leaving home. This tool is able to replace the entire complex of the means of care of skin, as well as a series of services aesthetic.

The dignity of rejuvenation, along with Rechiol it is palpable:

Carried out clinical tests speak on the efficacy and safety of the medication, which is confirmed by all the necessary certificates of quality in italy.

The nature of the influence of changes in relation to the time of use of the cream is described as follows:

The use of

The visible result of

1 week Ingredients of the cream come to the deep layers of the skin, they block the nerve impulses to muscles, relaxing their. The appearance of the person improves.
2 weeks Peptide structure in the composition of the cream little by little, the wrinkles, the oval of the face pulled.
3 weeks It normalizes the production of collagen and elastin in the tissue, making the skin acquires former elasticity and becomes flexible. Actively occurs hydration of the skin by the effect of extracts of the sea. The aging process is slowing down.
4 weeks The fine lines and wrinkles, contour of the face clearly expressed, the skin glows of youth and beauty.
Rechiol is a professional skin care

After only a month of use anti-age cream Rechiol You'll be amazed to look in the mirror the result. The time scale of waste in 10 years ago! This new reality for You will be possible thanks to science. Now that italy has the opportunity to buy this tool at a reduced price.

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The perfection in the composition of the

The main force in the matter as part of the cream is Bakuchiol.

Bakuchiol is an alternative to Retinol from vegetable raw materials.

This plant component is obtained from the seeds of psoralen, known in ayurveda and chinese medicine. Known bacterial and antioxidant properties, stimulates collagen synthesis, fights wrinkles, improves tone of the skin and blocks the synthesis of melanin, the destructive of collagen.

Does not cause skin irritation and safe for sensitive skin.

Collagen, softens the skin, eliminating wrinkles and sagging, reaffirms the contour of the face.

Almond oil – moisturizes and nourishes the skin, accelerates the processes of regeneration.

Vitamin c: cleanses and refreshes the skin, fills it with vitamins, aligns the pigmentation.

Thus, the formula anti-age cream Rechiol met yes same active ingredients, able to produce a clear rejuvenation effect, as well as to normalize the natural of metabolic processes in the interior of the tissues.

In the complex of their action is truly incredible! Forget about your true age, and around that the only people will be wondering how to get it.

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The doctor The medical esthetician Giovanni Giovanni
The medical esthetician
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16 years
The innovative anti-age cream Rechiol – the new trend in the beauty industry in italy. It is the way of reaching a smooth and elastic skin without the need of injecting. A similar effect, but without risk, without changing the body expression and as natural as possible, based on the natural mechanisms of rejuvenation. Even the deepest wrinkles of the age of the forces of this whipped cream: your skin with the help of the same again will begin to produce collagen and elastin. And the effect will not wait. It is a professional tool that takes care of Your skin.